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Lisa Osborne Blalock

Travel Writer

Lisa Blalock headshot.jpg

Lisa is a travel writer, travel and tour company owner/operator, expert guide, and fervent world explorer.  She serves as Travel Writer for IBNewsmag. She specializes in complex foreign itineraries including off-the-beaten-path surprises, educational opportunities and adventurous activities.

Lisa has mastered the craft of tour assembly.  Ordinary becomes extraordinary and dreams become reality when she guides grateful followers around the world, introducing them to new sites, cultures and even ways of thinking. 


A graduate of University of Central Florida and a perpetual student of life, Lisa has written for multiple magazines and entertains many with her informal, fun blog on Facebook entitled “Lisa’s Travel Adventures”. 


Readers are invited to join one of her upcoming tours and will receive a special gift when IBNewsmag is mentioned at the time of booking. 


Lisa’s website is and she can be reached directly at

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