INTERNATIONAL NEWS From Around the World

Asahi Shimbun - - Japan


  • Toyota expects to cut their full year output target due to chip shortage. 

  • Toyota also plans to produce and sell electric cars in China.

  • Yen hits 32-year low against the US Dollar on October 13. 


The Korea Times - – South Korea


  • The head of Google in South Korea was accused of perjury by The Korean National Assembly for avoiding comment on Google's revenue in South Korea and the company's stance on proposed bills for network usage fees. He was especially criticized for his response to his company's alleged tax evasion.

  • The Korean Publishers Association (KPA) has also filed suit against Google over forcing content providers to use its in-app payment system on Android apps. It is the first such suit in South Korea.

Buenos Aires Times - - Argentina

  • Half a million people in Argentina signed up for emergency food aid payment due to inflation.

  • Argentina's yearly inflation surged to 83% in September. 


Deutsche Welle - - Germany


  • Germany is considering allowing Chinese-owned COSCO to have a stake in a Hamburg port terminal.

  • German and EU leaders call for a Ukraine Marshall Plan. (The former European Recovery Program from April 1948 – December 1951. A US-sponsored program to rehabilitate the economies affected by WWII.)

  • Zimbabwe headed for a bumper wheat harvest.

  • A region in Madagascar faces food and water scarcity.

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