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INTERNATIONAL NEWS From Around the World

Asahi Shimbun - Japan -


  • Toyota Motor Corporation established a joint venture with a Thailand conglomerate, CP Group, to produce hydrogen fuel derived from animal waste to power delivery trucks delivering goods to convenience stores.

  • Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) is considering building a second chip plant in Japan. Currently, one is being constructed in Kikuyo, Kumamoto Prefecture which is scheduled to be open in 2024.

  • Japan and the US agreed to set up a task force to ensure products made by using forced or child labor do not enter their markets.


The Korea Times - South Korea -


  • LS C&S is expanding its new aluminum material business with its affiliate LS Alsco in the US. LS C&S projects that aluminum will replace copper in industries where lighter weight is important.

  • The South Korean government is investing $222.9 million for R&D in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, biomaterials and medical equipment in 2023.

Buenos Aires Times - Argentina -

  • Government officials in Argentina are fearing the impact of drought on the nation's agricultural production with experts estimating the potential losses could top US$10B.


Deutsche Welle - Germany -


  • A third floating LNG terminal arrived in Brunsbuttel, Germany to shore up the country's energy supplies.  Currently there are two terminals in Germany - Wilhelmhaven and Lubmin. A fourth terminal is due to be delivered to the port of Stades located on the Elbe River.

  • Germany is considering a tax cut to lower food prices.

Bangkok Post- Thailand-

  • Foreign investment grew by 56% in 2022 in Thailand.  

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