INTERNATIONAL NEWS From Around the World

Asahi Shimbun - - Japan


  • A new coal-fired power plant will go online on August 5.  The maximum output will be 1.07 gigawatts, which is about the same as that of a nuclear power reactor.

  • Japanese firms facing a serious labor shortage in the IT sector are actively recruiting in India.  In India, about 1.5M engineering students graduate every year, making the country a hub of high- skilled labor.  US companies have been recruiting in India for several years.

  • Japanese and South Korean business leaders are calling for visa-free visits between the countries. 

  • The Japanese government is providing $678 M in subsidies to Kioxia Corporation (Japan), and US chipmaker Western Digital Corporation for their new production facility in Yokkaichi, Japan.

  • Aisin Corporation, an affiliate of Toyota Motor Corporation, has developed a car-mounted radar system that triggers an alarm if it detects that a toddler has been left inside an automobile.


The Korea Times - – South Korea


  • Samsung Electronics weighs building 11 more chips plants in the US over next 2 decades.

  • LG Energy Solutions (South Korea) signed an agreement with Huayou Cobalt (China) for a joint venture for battery recycling in China.

  • SK Group (South Korea) is downsizing operations in China.

  • Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), South Korea`s sole aircraft maker, has signed a $3B deal with Poland to export 48 FA-50 light attack fighter planes.

  • Samsung Electronics has succeeded in mass producing 3 nanometer chips becoming the first chipmaker to reach this milestone.

Buenos Aires Times - - Argentina


Consulting firms in Buenos Aires are predicting that Argentina will face the prospect of 90% inflation by the end of 2022. 


Deutsche Welle - - Germany


  • Energy ministers from the EU agreed to plan to cut gas usage because of fears that Russia could stop supplies.

  • Germany is stockpiling wood in fear of gas shortages.

  • Low water is threatening industries along the Rhine River.