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Canadian Pacific – Kansas City Southern single rail line seamless from Canada to Mexico

On April 14th 2023, Kansas City Southern (KCS) along with its Kansas City de México rail lines will officially merge with Canadian Pacific (CP) to become Canadian Pacific Kansas City (“CPKC”), the first and only single-line railway connecting Canada, the US and Mexico.

Map courtesy of Future for Freight
Map courtesy of Future for Freight

The CPKC rail lines from Vancouver and Albany, merge in Kansas City and continue to Mexico’s southern ports including Lázaro Cárdenas.

"The combination of CP and KCS is all about growth and opportunity," said Warren Erdman, currently KCS Executive Vice President. "As the U.S. headquarters for CPKC, Kansas City will be a big part of that growth strategy and is right in the middle of the new Canadian, US and Mexican rail network. CP understands and respects the significance of KCS and its heritage to Kansas City and communities throughout its service territory. This historic transformative combination is great for Kansas City, for Kansas City Southern and for North America."

According to a Future for Freight media report, “CPKC, which is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, will be the first railway connecting North America. While still the smallest of the U.S. Class 1 railroad companies by revenue, the combined company will have a much larger and more competitive network, operating approximately 32,000 kilometers of track and employing about 20,000 people. Full integration of CP and KCS, which will leverage the benefits of the combination, is expected to occur over the next three years.

CPKC will bring a new safety standard to the North American rail industry. CP has been the safest route in North America for 17 years in a row, according to the Federal Railroad Administration's ratio of train accident frequency. In 2022, CP had the best frequency ever, 0.93, a rate nearly half of what the company produced a decade ago and 69 percent lower than the Class 1 average.”


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