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Competing better in the global market

If you are a smaller (SME) international trader, there some keys to growth despite a challenging global market.

  1. If you’re producing a niche product line, continue to press that unique line of products because you know your customer needs. Avoid excessive diversification into new product lines which may water down your primary money-maker.

  2. Continuing this line of thinking, if you have an extra amount of product inventory of your primary product line, you have the luxury of shipping quickly to get it into the hands of your overseas customers before your competition.

  3. Step up your international travel and attend relevant international trade shows. Now is the time to get in front of your export customers and prospects.

  4. Now may be the time to offer your distributors special container load pricing or other financial incentives to move your product. As the worldwide economy continues to languish, your product pricing could be just the incentive it needs to make the sale over that of your competition.


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