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Kansas City Southern Railroad Developing a New Span of the International Bridge

At the end of October, KCS broke ground on a new Texas Mexican Railway International Bridge spanning the Rio Grande from Laredo, Texas to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

The new bridge, due to be completed in 2025, is under construction alongside the existing 18-foot-wide bridge, which is rapidly losing its effectiveness in the movement of goods to and from Mexico and will help alleviate traffic congestion in both cities.

The existing single-track bridge, opened in 1920, is the only rail bridge connecting the two-country Laredo communities. The new bridge has been in the project engineering and design phase of KCS since 2020 as construction permits were obtained in both countries.

The new bridge will further enhance border security, improve the flow of rail traffic through the Laredo rail corridor and help grow the Laredo economy, according to KCS statements.


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