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Managing the supply chain for Lithium-Ion battery packs

Power Products is an Atlanta-area company that partners with OEMs to design, develop and manufacture Lithium-Ion battery packs. These are not your typical off-the-shelf batteries, nor are they lead acid batteries.

The company consults with OEM engineers to produce Li-Ion battery packs that meet OEM’s exacting specifications and application requirements. They use a sustainable supply chain with the Li-Ion batteries originating in China, Hong Kong and South Korea.

Greg Weber, OEM Sales Director, Power Products
Greg Weber, OEM Sales Director, Power Products

Greg Weber, the company’s OEM Sales Director with 30 years of experience working with OEMs said, “We have had some challenges with our supply chain as do many companies, but now we’ve been able to focus on dependable suppliers.”

Despite this country’s shift to reshoring many product components, some manufacturers continue to have a distinct need for products from China. Power Products is a good example. In addition, Power Products is an indirect exporter and drop-ships some of its battery packs abroad.

“In 2022 we had some shortage of integrated circuits, or smart chips, but because we had stocked up from our tier-one suppliers such as Panasonic and Moli,” he continued, “We’ve been able to deliver product as needed.”

Power Products OEM Li-Ion battery packs
Power Products OEM Li-Ion battery packs

The batteries are designed specifically to comply with that OEM customer’s needs and time schedules. These OEMs are typically specialty tool companies and drone manufacturers with the potential of expanding the business to other types of OEMs.

“We are not exclusively focused on lead-based replacement batteries, although we offer an extensive product line of two-way Land Mobile Radio (LMR) batteries and accessories,” he said.” Our main target is to partner with OEMs to design and produce Li-Ion battery packs not yet on the market.”

Power Products is a business unit of Mission Critical Electronics, based in Costa Mesa, California.


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