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Port of Kansas City (PortKC) sees river tonnage skyrocket

Port KC owns Woodswether terminal, the old Kansas City terminal in the city’s West Bottoms. The terminal consists of approximately nine acres with storage for bulk and liquid cargoes. Transport 360 operates the port.

PortKC’s Woodswether Terminal
PortKC’s Woodswether Terminal

Port KC opened the terminal in 2015 and has steadily increased annual tonnage from 15 thousand a year to a projected 100 thousand plus-ton this year. Commodities handled are fertilizer, mill scale, coal slag, structural steel, lightweight aggregate, and steel scrap. We expect to see outbound agricultural products also this year.

Port KC has invested $11 million in the terminal’s infrastructure over the last twelve years. A paving project was completed in 2023 and now planning is underway for a new dock that could double barge opportunities.

Port KC’s most exciting endeavor includes an inland port called Missouri River Terminal or MRT. In 2018, Port KC purchased the former AK Steel site, 426 acres sitting at the convergence of the Missouri and Blue Rivers. It is presently developing a rail, road, and water-served intermodal terminal for international container distribution. The terminal will be a huge infrastructure investment adding freight capacity to the Kansas City and regional marketplace. Although still in the planning stages the project is moving forward, driven by the city’s continued growth in manufacturing and distribution. The excitement about this project is our continued commitment to growing Kansas City’s economy. This port opportunity offers companies more options to haul freight with less environmental and financial impact. It’s a win-win for the metro.

Port KC, the Port Authority of Kansas City, is the region’s leading trade, commerce, and development organization. A political subdivision of the State of Missouri, Port KC is decidedly local and focused on economic opportunity and job growth within Kansas City, Missouri.


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