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Senproco – Serving Professional Pet Stylists Worldwide

Senproco is a leading manufacturer and distributor of pet grooming products both domestically and internationally. The company builds brands marketed primarily toward professional pet stylists from around the world, including shampoos & conditioners, bathing systems, clothing & scissors, and many other products.

Based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, this young family-owned company primarily manufactures its own line of liquid pet grooming products, along with bathing systems, clothing, pet shears, and eight other proprietary lines that help promote the wellbeing of pets.

It also private labels, wholesales and retails a number of other brands for the pet stylist market selling in Southeast Asia, Europe and Australia, among many other global markets, through its own network of distributors.

One of its premier brands, Bark2Basics for dogs, comprises a variety of pet grooming products, including shampoos, conditioners, ear cleaners, and colognes, for both pet groomers and consumers. For example, Bark2Basics offers a super- concentrated pet grooming shampoo with all natural ingredients and fresh scent.

Daniel Dressen

Owner and CEO, Daniel Dressen said that while its primary focus has been on domestic sales, its international sales are growing rapidly. “We have had very little non-tariff barriers in most countries, with the exception of Brazil which has made it challenging to get into its marketplace.”

When asked about supply chain issues, Mr. Dressen explained, “Our supply chain problems that peaked during Covid have smoothed out since. For example, what normally took two months to obtain raw materials, during Covid expanded to six to eight months or longer.” This is something the company continues to monitor carefully.

Senproco sells internationally to some 40 countries while maintaining competitive pricing in its growing number of global markets. It also offers grooming tips on its website, such as how to groom senior dogs and other information to help assure the cleanliness and health of a pet’s coat, skin, nails, ears and more.

Senproco Bottling Line

To discover a great deal more information about the company and its many products and grooming tips, visit both and


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