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The Door Stud of North Dakota – Installing Doors in Five Minutes

If you can imagine a door placed on wheels ready to be installed, you are right on track. This is The Door Stud company, based in Fargo, ND.

The Door Stud is a door installation tool that literally revolutionizes how builders install pre-hung or slab doors. It holds the door during installation and reduces labor while increasing productivity, consistency and quality.

Jim Newenhouse
Jim Newenhouse

Jim Newenhouse worked in the Window & Door industry for much of his career. He invented The Door Stud and founded this company in 2019 when he was doing door installations as a side hustle. “I was attempting to solve a door installation problem for myself,” said Jim Newenhouse, Founder and CEO. He explained that the name Door Stud is construction-oriented, and its designation comes from the king stud in door frames. “I wanted a name suggesting strength and being memorable,” he added.

“I soon learned that a few door installers found my product to be a solution to a challenging installation process, which prompted me to begin selling it to other installers, and the company took off from there.”

It takes only five minutes to install any door with The Door Stud. In fact, it caught on so well that it won the award for Best Window and Door Product and was named Best in Show at the 2023 Builders Show in Las Vegas.

Billions of doors are installed each year residentially and commercially. In citing this award at the trade show, one of the attendees said,

“I was so impressed with this product, its practicality, application and design. There isn’t really anything else on the market that supports door installation – making it easier, reducing installation errors, saving time and, most importantly, supporting the installers’ safety and physical well-being. A product like this is easily available to all and should be added to the contractors’ toolbox. Its innovation is in its simple design and application.” The Door Stud allows one person to install a door safely and easily, and it accommodates varying door thickness and weight limits. “The Door Stud is a niche product, and we are focused on the markets we can serve universally. A new version of the product is in the works to accommodate all door styles regardless of size.” he said.

It was at this trade show that several international distributors latched onto Mr. Newenhouse’s product, leading to sales in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Now international sales are approaching ten percent of total sales, and the company is moving ahead into Mexico and Dubai and expects to continuously increase export sales in the future.

“Of course, for many countries, we’ve had to make product adjustments for metric dimensions,” he explained.

The Door Stud product line currently includes the Pro Series Door Stud, Heavy Door Stud, and custom units by demand, in addition to installation clips.

The Door Stud

The Door Stud is packaged at a local facility in West Fargo, ND. “We’ve had some supply chain disruptions, as many companies have,” he noted. “They are mainly material shortages, longer lead times and price increases such as the prices of steel, but with patience and persistence, we’ve lived through them and now plan farther ahead.”

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