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Using Computer Vision (AI) to Analyze Cattle Faces to Predict Diseases

MyAnIML’s Artificial Intelligence Technology offers a predictive health solution for cattle.

 A cow’s muzzle can reveal an early indication of an oncoming disease. Each muzzle is very unique, much like our fingerprints. Kansas-based MyAnIML has developed a patent-pending AI solution that matches and analyzes muzzles and predicts diseases in cattle, used here and planned to be used in other countries.

Shekhar Gupta, MyAnIML Founder/CEO
Shekhar Gupta, MyAnIML Founder/CEO

“My driving passion is to improve the quality of food we consume every day,” said MyAnIML founder and CEO, Shekhar Gupta. “Too often, we neglect the importance of what we put into our bodies. We don’t apply the same level of care and attention to the food that nourishes us.”


“When humans fall ill, they have the ability to communicate their symptoms. Animals, however, lack that same capacity for communication. As with humans, signs of sickness and stress often manifest on their faces before full-blown illness takes hold,” he went on to explain.


How it works

 Mr. Gupta’s facial analysis systems signal early notification to cattle ranchers when an animal is about to fall sick. Using his hardware system, cameras installed in barns and ranches capture regular pictures and video footage of each animal’s face and facial expressions.

“This visual data is then transmitted to our proprietary analysis platform cutting edge facial recognition software. Over the years of research, we’ve developed a comprehensive dataset containing thousands of cattle facial images and intricate nose print patterns,” he pointed out. “When new photos or videos arrive in our system, they undergo deep analysis to extract detailed facial characteristics like eye gaze, nose leather texture, ear positioning and dozens of other micro-traits.


“This micro-factor data is then processed against our machine learning models trained on the cattle facial dataset,” he explained. His powerful algorithms can detect even the slightest deviations from an animal’s normal, healthy facial baseline and immediately sends an alert to the rancher or farm manager.


This allows them to quickly isolate the animal in question, preventing the spread of illness to the rest of the herd. It minimizes the need for mass antibiotic treatments, reduces the overall spread of disease, and promotes a healthier, lower stress environment for healthy animals to thrive.

“As we say, healthy cows mean healthy revenue,” he concluded.


Exporting MyAnIML


While initially concentrating on the US domestic market, Mr. Gupta is in continuous dialog with commerce officials about launching his product to a few Middle Eastern countries and India.


When asked about the use of international distributors, Mr. Gupta replied, “We will use whatever method that is suitable in each specific country case and create alliances as we move forward.


For more information about MyAnIML, visit


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