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  • Reach international business decision-makers of thousands of SMEs in the USA and globally

  • CEOs, senior international sales & marketing executives

  • Viewed by chambers of commerce, state, federal & international trade offices, universities and other organizations

  • Distributed by IBNewsmag along with state international trade offices

  • Circulation may vary with state lists


  • No other media reaches this select audience of international companies

  • Targets a specific region of the heartland for your company’s message

  • No waste circulation

  • Associate your company name with trade in this region

2024 Editorial Calendar

Published online each month with practical how-to international information important to small to medium-sized companies/enterprises (SMEs), is the proven source of practical information for SMEs. It features practical information for SME critical to shipping, getting paid, intellectual properties and other aspects of trade not covered by other international media. helps fill that practical information gap with how-to articles and features on SMEs which have faced and overcome trading challenges.


IBNewsmag is:

No. 1 in terms of reach in targeting SME CEOs and International Managers.

No. 1 with practical information to help SMEs increase international sales and create jobs.

No. 1 in reporting current export and import data – leading economic indicators.

No. 1 with international breaking news relevant to SMEs.’s confidential email database numbers over 6,000 and expanding including an estimated additional pass-along readership.

Projected 2024 Themes*:

January - Supply chain management and international trade                                                                                 

February US States’ growth in exports

March - International intellectual property protection

April Currency fluctuations and international trade

May AI and international trade                                                          

June New free trade agreements on the horizon                                                                     

July Sourcing components                                                                           

August Pressures on small business in international trade                                                         

September Energy costs and international trade                                                                                          

October Post Brexit opportunities for SMEs                                                                                                        

November Emerging economies and SME opportunities

December Best ways to help SMEs grow via international trade                              


*The above are subject to change and/or updates pending major international events

  affecting SME international trade.

Advertising Rates & Specs:

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Rates are per month



Space Reservation: 15th of month preceding publication

Materials: 25th of month preceding publication



Invoiced at the first of the month of publication; net due upon receipt

For additional information, please contact:
Fred Baehner, Publisher
Phone 816.616.7779

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