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Expand your international trade knowledge with our monthly trivia.

Asahi Shimbun – JAPAN

  • The Japanese economy shrank at an annual rate of 1.8% in first quarter of 2024.

  • Japan spent a record $62B to prop up its currency.

  • Nissan warned US owners of older vehicles not to drive them in order to avoid the risk of exploding airbag inflators.

  • Toyota announced it would offer lean compact engines that also run on fuels like hydrogen and bioethanol or have them paired with zero emission electric motors in hybrids.

  • Toyota Motors, Subaru and Mazda have each committed to developing new engines tailored to electrification.

  • Japan’s top power generator JERA warned it could consider fuel purchases and investments in Asia, the Middle East and the US if Australia does not provide sufficient financial support.

  • Toyota Motors was forced to repeatedly halt production at their factory in Tijuana, Mexico, after local labor shortages impacted output of their suppliers.

  • China launched an anti-dumping probe into POM copolymers, a type of engineering plastic imported from the EU, US, Japan and Taiwan.


The Korea Times – - SOUTH KOREA

  • The chairman of SK, Posco and Lotte will accompany the president of South Korea on his state visits to Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to seek business cooperation with those mineral rich countries.

  • The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) opened a new office in Germany to strengthen its bilateral business ties between the two countries.

  • Major construction firms in South Korea may not be able to enjoy the benefits of Saudi Arabia’s urban development project of Saudi Arabia’s prolonged financial difficulties. 

  • Procter & Gamble (P&G) South Korea laundry detergent - Downy Odor Deep Clean Fresh Clean - earned the highest grade in a survey of all cleaning performance categories.

  • 3M is positioning itself as a pivotal player in the Korean market for the rapidly advancing EV battery and semiconductor manufacturing markets according to the managing director of 3M’s South Korean operation.

  • Business leaders from South Korea, Japan and China call for trilateral economic partnerships.

  • Major steelmakers in South Korea have reduced output to react to global oversupply of steel products and domestic construction industry.

  • Wrtn Technologies, a Seoul-based AI start-up, raised $18.3M from global investors in the US, Japan and South Korea.


The Tico Times - - COSTA RICA

  • Developers in Costa Rica are openly flaunting environmental laws. 

  • Syngenta, a leading science-based agricultural technology company, is helping Costa Rican farmers grow safe and healthy food.  It aims to promote pollinating insect populations.  The project was created more than 18 years ago and is currently implemented in 48 countries around the world.  Besides Costa Rica, other Latin American implementation countries are Peru, Colombia and Mexico. 

The Straits Times - - SINGAPORE

  • In Singapore, the resident total fertility rate fell to below 1% in 2023 for the first time in Singapore history. The main reason is the rising number of singles in the population.

  • Singapore is investing $700M in quantum computing research.

Buenos Aires Times - -  ARGENTINA

  • The Argentine government is confident that Argentina will be able to announce significant investments from Silicon Valley companies. 

The Australian - - AUSTRALIA


  • US companies are interested in acquiring Australian auto parts retailer Bapcor.

  • Commonwealth Bank Australia unveiled an AI-driven crime alert system.

  • Australia  needs a plan to head off a looming gas shortfall.

  • Equity capital markets are showing signs of revival.  

London Times - - UNITED KINGDOM


  • The French battlefield that inspired the Three Musketeers was located after 400 years.

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Expand your international trade knowledge with our monthly trivia.

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