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INTERNATIONAL NEWS From Around the World

The Korea Times -  SOUTH KOREA


  • Shipbuilders are seeing an increasing number of foreign workers, primarily from Thailand and Vietnam, deserting their jobs from shipyards. They were hired because of a labor shortage and a growing demand for vessels.


  • Ukraine has offered to initially share data on over 5,000 post-war reconstruction projects with South Korea.


  • South Korea succeeded in launching 8 satellites into orbit. Both the rocket and satellites were built in South Korea.


  • Major semiconductor companies are rushing to build manufacturing plants in South Korea. They are from Korea, as well as from the US and The Netherlands.


Asahi Shimbun –  JAPAN


  • Hitachi and Toshiba won a contract for a new high-speed train in Taiwan.


  • Two Japanese insurance companies are offering coverage for victims of bullying.


  • Airports are plagued by a critical staff storage amid tourism influx.


  • The Japanese Business Federation, known as Keidanren and the Federation of Korean Industry, announced they are spending $1.5M to strengthen their cooperation in energy, and other sectors as well. 


  • Kirin, a major Japanese beverage company, is acquiring Blackmores Ltd., an Australian natural health products maker.  



Buenos Aires Times -  ARGENTINA


Argentina, one of the fastest growing lithium producers, claims it could soon get access to the US market. Argentina is lobbying the US government to gain access to its market.


Deutsche Welle -  GERMANY


Germany and South Korea agreed to share military intelligence and streamline supply chains for the two nations’ defense industries.

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