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Expand your international trade knowledge with our monthly trivia.

Asahi Shimbun – JAPAN


  • Bae Systems (UK), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan) and Leonardo (Italy) agreed to develop next generation combat aircraft.

  • Honda Motors joined Ford and GM in adopting Tesla EV charging technology.


The Korea Times – - SOUTH KOREA


  • The Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials and Hyundai-KIA Motor Company have developed the country`s first hydrogen powered car engine.

  • GS Caltex, a Korean oil refinery, has begun testing its new eco-friendly marine biofuel in a container ship filled with the fuel.

  • Samsung is helping revitalize the Korean economy by supporting subcontractors and SMEs.

  • Hyundai signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate with the Polish Association of Construction Employers for nuclear power construction projects.

  • KT, a large Korean telecommunication company has proposed to the Ukraine government how it can improve the Ukraine telecommunication infrastructure.

  • SK Group plans to invest $6.02B in transforming its main refinery and chemical complex.


Deutsche Welle –  - GERMANY

  • In Germany, more people are moving from cities to rural areas.

  • Germany wants to revamp its immigration system and citizenship laws to make it easier for foreign skilled workers to fill job vacancies that are at a record high.

  • Germany has stepped up the return of failed asylum seekers from Georgia, North Macedonia, Albania, Moldova and Serbia.


Bangkok Post – - THAILAND


Global Foundries (US), the world's third largest contract semiconductor maker has opened a US$ 4B manufacturing plant in Singapore.


Tico Times – - COSTA RICA


  • The Costa Rican Oil Refinery held its first technical roundtable to advance ethanol blending with gasoline.

  • Panama is looking into new sources of water for the Panama Canal which moves 6% of global maritime trade but recently had to restrict traffic due to drought. The restrictions are expected to drop earnings of $200M in 2024. One option being considered is the construction of a dam on the Indio River, west of the canal from where water could be transferred to Gatun Lake.  The canal is mainly used by the US, China and Japan.


Business News Australia -  - AUSTRALIA


  • A spike in the demand from inbound Chinese tourists visiting Queensland has resulted in China Southern Airlines having daily flights into Brisbane.

  • Housing starts to fall 155,000 short of the government's 1.2 million target by 2028.

  • Australia is not likely to be affected very much by China`s economic downturn.   




  • British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak is ready to phase out petroleum and diesel cars in 2030.

  • El Salvador is becoming a Nicaraguan style dictatorship.


Business Day – - SOUTH AFRICA 


  • A slump in mining production in South Africa threatens government revenue.

  • Manganese refiner MMC is expanding production of battery-grade material. 

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Expand your international trade knowledge with our monthly trivia.

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