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Expand your international trade knowledge with our monthly trivia.

Asahi Shimbun – JAPAN


  • Toyota Motor and Idemitsu Kosan have formed an alliance to develop and mass produce all solid-state batteries for electric vehicles.

  • Most Japanese firms expect China's economic slowdown to persist into 2025.

  • Asahi Shuzo, a sake maker, has built a sake brewery in northern New York. The name is Dassai Blue Sake Brewery.  

  • HIF Global (Houston) and Eneos Holdings (Japan) are exploring the establishment of a e-fuels production and distribution facility in Japan.

The Korea Times – - SOUTH KOREA


  • South Korea and United Arab Emirates have entered into a trade agreement.

  • Korean shipbuilders are embracing the use of robots because of a shortage of labor.

  • Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power (KHNP), Candu Energy (Canada) and Italy's Ansaldo Nucleare are signing an agreement for the refurbishment of a nuclear power plant in Romania.

  • POSCO International (South Korea) and GS Caltex (South Korea) signed an agreement to invest a combined $210 million in a palm oil factory in Indonesia.

  • Regulatory hurdles in the private sector may hinder AI growth in South Korea.


Deutsche Welle –  - GERMANY

  • A National Hydrogen Strategy is intended to step up the use of green hydrogen in the German economy.


Bangkok Post – - THAILAND


  • Australia plans to invest in Thailand's Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) development project to elevate bilateral trade ties.

Business News Australia -  - AUSTRALIA


  • Australian local governments are pouring money into housing, but Australian land and labor are still in short supply.  

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Expand your international trade knowledge with our monthly trivia.

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