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Kristin Tripp

Contributing Editor

Kristin Tripp.jpg

Kristin is the Contributing Editor for IBNewsmag, managing and designing our website, digital communications and social media.

Kristin is the Founder/Owner of Graphic Edge KC, established in 1992, specializing in conscious marketing efforts and purpose-driven communication. Her skillset includes marketing consulting, branding, design, and writing. With a diverse group of clients across the USA, she is excited to be returning to the global arena with IBNewsmag

Kristin's marketing experience comes from a broad range of industries including commercial printing, branded apparel, promotional products, food processing, poultry processing, feed & flour milling, hatchery & incubation, credit unions, dentistry & orthodontics, healthcare, holistic wellness practitioners, counselors, massage therapists, consultants (for various industries), actuaries, distilleries, cannabis dispensaries, retail establishments, payment processors, and many more. 

Country Experience:

United Kingdom, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, Aruba


Kristin graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Journalism and a minor in Visual Communication/Design.

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