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PROFILE: Osaka Prefecture, Japan

A few practical Tips about Osaka Prefecture, Japan


  • Capital City - Osaka

  • Size - 736 square miles (1,905 square kilometers)

  • Population - 8,778,035

  • Location - It borders Hyogo Prefecture to the northwest, Kyoto Prefecture to the north, Nara Prefecture to the southeast. Located on the western coast of the Kiji Peninsula. It is in the Kansai region of Honshu.



  • It was created on June 21,1868.

  • The city of Osaka is known as the number 2 city in Japan.  Tokyo is number 1.  In addition, the port of Osaka is the main seaport in Japan.





 Osaka has the largest number of manufacturing operations in Japan. It is known for its heavy industries including electrical machinery, iron & steel, metal fabrication, textiles, chemicals and pulp and paper. It also has a sizable number of companies that manufacture electronics, pharmaceuticals, light machinery, food, etc. As you might assume, Osaka has a strong service base as well - trading, department stores, finance etc.


Unemployment Rate - 7.2%

GDP - $US 377.9B (2019)




NOTE - 1 Japanese Yen = 0.006622 US Dollar (2024)


Total Exports - 12.9 Trillion Yen (2023)


Major Product Exports (2023)

  • Electronic integrated circuits - 1.35 trillion Yen

  • Unspecified commodities- 1 .16 trillion Yen

  • Electric capacitors, fixed, ceramic, multilayer - 399 billion Yen

  • Electric capacitors - 399B Yen

  • Medicine - 322B Yen

  • Electric printed circuits - 263 Yen


Major Export Partners

China, US, Taiwan, Hong Kong


 Total Imports  - 13.7 trillion Yen (2023)


Major Imports (2023)

  • Natural Gas, Liquefied- 552B Yen

  • Petroleum oils, oils from bituminous minerals-544B Yen

  • Medicine- 479B Yen

  • Unspecified commodities- 476 B Yen

  • Smartphones- 427B Yen


Major Import Partners

China, US, Taiwan, South Korea, UAE



Kubota - agricultural machinery

Daiwa House - construction

Daikin - electrical equipment

Orix - financial services

Panasonic - electronics

Itochu - major trading company

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company - pharmaceuticals

Rohto Pharmaceutical - pharmaceuticals

Daihatsu - automobile manufacturing

Sumitomo Group - major conglomerate

Nissin Foods -food products

Takenaka Corporation - major general contractor

Pixela Corporation - computer hardware and software  

Vanillaware Ltd. - video games

NTN Corporation - large bearing manufacturer 


Note - During my time with Pennsylvania and Washington, I visited many of these companies as well as others throughout Japan. In particular, I remember my work with Nissin Foods which I was successful in attracting to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They have a factory there which I visited. They gave me a big box of their noodle products which are very good e.g. ramen noodles. They buy a lot of wheat from the local Amish farmers.   


 By Paul Mastilak

InterMark3, Inc.


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