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Alaskan International Trade is Nothing to Disparage

As the largest state in the US in terms of land mass, Alaska is also heavily involved in international trade – something many in the lower ’48 may overlook. Here is a quick summary of its international trade in terms of exports and imports.

Alaska is a major contributor to exports for the United States:

  • Alaska exported $5.58 billion in goods to the world in 2022

  • 40th largest exporter in the US

  • Over 70% are small and medium-sized companies (SMEs)

  • The largest buyers of Alaska exports are China, Japan, and Canada. In 2019, Alaska exported $605 Million to Canada and Mexico, accounting for 12 percent of Alaska’s total exports to the world.

  • Alaska exports some $582 Million to Canada, 12 percent of Alaska’s exports to the world.

A sampling of the goods exported by Alaska:

  • Seafood (pollack, salmon, crab, cod, just to name a few)

  • Mineral ores (including zinc, lead, and gold)

  • Crude oil

  • Animal feed

  • Fish fats and oils

  • Wood

Alaska is a significant Importer to the United States:


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