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The US is world's top destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for 12th consecutive year

The United States ranks as the top destination for FDI for the 12th consecutive year according to the Kearney’s Global Business Policy Council’s 2024 FDI Confidence Index

According to the Council’s report, “The strength of the US economy—the fastest growing in the G7—and rebounding consumer sentiment likely supported this score.

Canada also makes a strong showing, maintaining its second-place rank and forming part of the top five markets for the 12th consecutive year. China jumps from 7th position to 3rd, which could be explained in part by its loosening of capital controls for foreign investors in Shanghai and Beijing in September 2023. Overall, this year’s survey revealed investors’ preference for developed markets, which accounted for 17 of the 25 markets on the Index.”

The report is based on an annual survey of global senior executives and investors.

Foreign investors were encouraged by higher-than-anticipated GDP growth in 2023, which was attributed to strong consumer and government expenditure, along with increased exports.


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