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Big Ass Fans – Now Made in the USA

Based in Lexington, Kentucky, Big Ass Fans (BAF), a fan, lighting and controls manufacturer, is an example of shifting the manufacture of low-end consumer products back to the US.

BAF made the shift from an all-Asian supply chain to most of its products being manufactured in Lexington.

Haiku L2 Fan
Haiku L2, the world’s first smart fan with cutting-edge technology to automate personal comfort and sleek, modern designs.

The Haiku L fan (pictured) continues to be made in BAF’s Malaysian facility, which is owned by BAF.

The company thrives on product quality and direct-to-customers sales allowing the company greater flexibility and leverage with pricing.

One of the greatest benefits of reshoring, according to the case study, enabled BAF to create 215 manufacturing jobs in Lexington.

At the time this case study appeared, BAF growth rates were consistently over 30%, average salaries were 20% above the national average and 40% more than Kentucky’s average.

You can see more about the company at


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